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The information and photos that follow are based on research or straight from our book
The Spiro Mound: A Photo Essay

I am not associated with the state park. If you are planning a trip to the site, visit their webpage, Spiro Mound State Park, for more information.

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History of the site- features the first article we wrote on the Spiro Mounds. 
It has a basic description of how the Spiro Mound evolved over time, along with several illustrations of the stages of developement. 

Excavations- Several photos from the excavations, both the commerical dig as well as the WPA work.

Artifacts- A few photos from our book featuring some of the artifacts found at Spiro.





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The Spiro Mound: A Photo Essay
Photographs from the collection of Dr. Robert E. Bell
By Larry and Christopher Merriam

Colorful 8 1/2" X 11" Hardback Cover, 400 High Quality Glossy pages, 161 Full-Page B&W Photos, Hundreds of artifacts shown
To order your copy of The Spiro Mound: A Photo Essay Please visit

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Biography Section

Dr. Robert E. Bell- First visited the mound in 1934 after graduating high school, took many photos at the site. Decided to become an archaeologist after seeing how much information was lost during the excavations. Spent the next 70 years studying Spiro.

Harry T. Bell- Robert Bell's father, an artifact collector from Marion, Ohio. He acquired many fine Spiro artifacts, that eventually went to Earl Townsend.

James Brown- Published the most comprehensive study on the Spiro Mounds.

Forrest E. Clements- Worked for the state as an archaeologist, wrote the first interpretation of the Spiro Mound.

Henry Hamilton- Authored two books on the Spiro Mound for the Missouri Archaeologist journal, the first comprehensive effort to record the artifacts that were recovered from the site.

Glen Groves- Collector/Dealer from Chicago, published the NAIRCA report on the Spiro Mound

Joseph Thoburn- First archaeologist to visit the site, conducted the first excavations near the mound in the Ward Mound.


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